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Profiles Chamber

The Profiles Chamber plugin is the definitive plugin for massive profile management.

To access the plugin use the link on the ORGanizer button.

This plugin is hosted in a separate page but uses the selected org session to work.

The first features that can be massive set is Login Hours: new profile settings will be added in the upcoming releases.

To change a specific login hour or a specific day, double click on a day's cell and change info:

Once saved the change is marked in red:

Clicking the Undo button the profile resets to its initial status.
You can select many days and profile to massively apply the same login hours:

A click on the Apply Changes button triggers a deploy of the changed profiles only for the given login hours info (nothing more is changed on the Org): the deploy can take a while to complete.

If anything goes wrong you can still jump to the Deployment Status setup page in your ORG (relative path is /changemgmt/monitorDeployment.apexp) to check the deployment status.

The plugin provides a template section where you can:

  • Load a template from the saved list (all templates are relative to a given Org)
  • Remove a template from the local storage
  • Save current template
  • Save current configuration as a new template (with a name)

You can select only certain profiles and days to be saved inside the plugin.


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