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The best ORGanizer for Salesforce companion app ever

ORGanizer Connector is a free AppExchange app that can be freely installed on any org type (production, sandbox or developer edition). The app usage is really simple:

  • manually create credentials Backup records that contains one or more credentials (Backup Items) whose secrets (password and token) are encrypted with a key stored in the main Backup record (which only who has access to the record can get)

  • massively import ORGanizer for Salesforce backups to automatically create Backup records using ORGanizer for Salesforce backup files

  • Each Backup can be shared using Salesforce standard sharing model, so org users can see only the record they are allowed to access and nothing more (we suggest a Private sharing model extended with sharing rules or manual sharing)

  • The package exposes a couple of REST APIs to let external applications integrate

    • By having access to a Backup record, you can use the Send Secret by Email button to receive the encryption secret by mail: this secret will be used to decrypt the secrets using the Reveal Password & Token button on the Backup Item record or using the ORGanizer for Salesforce native integration (for Full PRO and Team users only), or creating your own integration following the Github repo example

How do you use ORGanizer Connector integration?

It’s easy as 1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣:

  1. Install the package on your org (👉 AppExchange Link).
    Look for the Administrator & User Guide linked on the Resources & Documentation section for more details on the package components and installation options.

  2. Open the Options page (right click on ORGanizer icon and select Options)

  3. Select the Import/Export tab

  4. In the ORGanizer Connector (PRO) section select a connection (i.e. a login already stored on ORGanizer that lets you login to the org where ORGanizer Connector is installed…I suggest using an OAuth login).
    Connected org can be a production org, a sandbox org or a Developer Edition org, no limitations!

  5. Select a Backup record and click the Get Backup button
    Remember: you need to get the Backup’s Secret using the Send Secret by Email button on the Backup record

  6. Select the logins you want to be loaded into ORGanizer for Salesforce extension

  7. Select a login group already on your extension or create a new one and click the Import Logins button
    If you import a login that is already on ORGanizer (username is the unique key) the login will simply be updated with the new passoword and token

Have a look at the video below to have a glimpse of how simple is ORGanizer for Salesforce’s Connector user experience:

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